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DNA and Genes

on Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:50 pm
Today we discussed DNA structure. It is crucial to understand this topic before we move on tomorrow for RNA. DNA is the human body recipe. It is the "recipe" for making human body proteins. At the end of our lesson today you should be able to describe to others what DNA is and different ways that engineers are involved with genetics and the human body.

"If you want to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, what would you need? You probably need some chocolate chips, flour, sugar, butter and eggs. And maybe some nuts or rolled oats if you like. But, how do you know how to make it? By using a recipe! A recipe contains the instructions for how to put all the ingredients together to make the cookies."

"Now let's say instead of making chocolate chip cookies, you wanted to make a person! What would you need?" The ingredient list may contain sperm, egg, uterus, food, proteins, bones, muscles, organs, air, water, elements, minerals, etc. And, where is the recipe that tells us how to combine all the ingredients to make a human? That's right, our DNA contains the recipe for making the cells and proteins in our bodies.

(Got this example from

DNA contains instructions and genes. What are some other essential vocabulary we discussed in class that revolves around DNA?

Please take a look at the additional resources I have posted below. Be ready to discuss anything you find interesting in class tomorrow.

The Human Body Recipe:
DNA Quiz:
DNA and Genes Game:
Youtube Video:
Bill Nye:
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